Who We Are

"There always more to gain in the pursuit of your goals, and when your goals are in the name of human advancement, the reward itself is inherent in the pursuit.''

Dr. Mohamed Sorour, The Board Chairman & CEO of Deutschland Technology Limited, is one of the Principal Special Experts in the NFPA 750 Technical Committee, the committee that is in charge of the Water Mist Fire Protection Systems within the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The NFPA 750 enlists very unique people to become ‘Special Experts’ since it requires decades of experience in the field. Furthermore, Dr. Sorour is also one of the International Water Mist Association (IWMA) Members since years, which allows him to attend all the IWMA members meetings that discuss and develop the water mist technology in the world. Moreover, Dr. Sorour is one of the Permanent International Association of Road Congresses (PIARC) Members. And for his +25 years of experience in the field, Dr. Sorour is well-known in the entire Middle East and North Africa region for his unprecedented knowledge and know-how, academically as well as professionally.

Dr. Sorour studied both his master’s and doctorate degree in Fire Engineering at the American University in Washington, D.C.
He holds also an MBA from Warsaw University in Poland. 




  • 1999

    Establish of DT

    Establish of DT

    DT has been entirely at the service of fire fighting systems since it was founded in 1999. With its pioneering spirit, far-sighted approach and excellent engineers, it has since developed into an acknowledged specialist that focuses on new technological systems in the field of MEP. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt

  • 2004

    Crystal Asfour Project

    Crystal Asfour Project

    DT had the function of protecting Asfour Crystal factory, the Egyptian crystal manufacturing company which is the world’s largest manufacture rand exporter of crystal, having a production capacity that exceeds 100 tons of crystal per day and exporting to more than 50 countries a cross the globe.

  • 2009

    KSA Branch

    KSA Branch

    KSA branch is our first and largest branch outside Egypt and marks the beginning of our entry to the MENA region, and it followed by the opening of more than 5 other branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • 2011

    The Holy Mosque Expansions

    The Holy Mosque Expansions

    DT proudly had the function of protecting the huge latest expansions of the Holy Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia which is the largest mosque and the eighth largest building in the world as of August 2020.

  • 2012

    12 Hotels - Jabal Omar Area

    12 Hotels - Jabal Omar Area

    DT has the function of protecting 12 Hotels in Jabal Omar Area, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 

  • 2015

    VdS Installer

    VdS Installer

    DT became the first and only VdS-approved installer outside Europe and still the only approved company in the MENA so far.

Our Capabilities

Deutschland Technology is the first and only VdS-approved installer outside Europe.

The General Organization for Export & Import Control certificate has the manufacturer name assuring the vendor’s capability (i.e. installation, shop drawing, service center, etc.)

Deutschland Technology’s products range is approved by the Egyptian military.

Deutschland Technology handed many projects over to the Civil Defense Authorities of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Deutschland Technology’s engineers are trained and certified from the manufacturer.

The offshore team of Deutschland Technology has certified engineers for all offshore activities.

DT provides BIM drafting services including design, analysis, 3D modelling, 2D drafting, quantity take-off, etc.

The FDS department in DT is capable of simulating any project to study the efficiency of the system according to the chosen design.

Deutschland Technology has 52 sets of special tools for installations to confirm the installation quality according to the NFPA 750 requirements.

Deutschland Technology has multiple stores located in several locations to ensure the availability of materials at all times and fast execution of projects.

A three-level liability coverage as follows: Marioff Corporation Oy Deutschland Technology Holding A certificate of indemnity is provided for each single project

Our Group

Our Strategic Business Unit in the Oil and Gas sector.

The responsible Strategic Business Unit for our Contracting works

The responsible Strategic Business Unit for our Construction works

The responsible Strategic Business Unit for our After Sales service

The responsible Strategic Business Unit for the Logistics service