We would like to proudly announce that our very own, Dr. Mohamed Sorour, founder and CEO of Deutschland Technology has been invited to be one of the special guests of the First Safety International Conference FSIC, which is the first international 'virtual' conference for occupational health and safety professionals that will showcase the follwing topics: 

Safety and COVID 19

Safety in isolation hospitals

Personal safety

Safety and International Building Code (IBS)

Implementation of safety requirements in the Middle East

Applying safety requirements in cladding destinations

Modern safety systems

Safety and Environmental Buildings

Fire alarm and fire extinguishing modern systems

Modern design methods based on modern applications

Don't miss the chance to join the conferene and gain a sound basis of understanding of the local application for High Pressure Water Mist Systems from DT Regional Technical Sales Director: Eng. Ahmed ShawkeStarting from 17th Sep till 19th Sep 2020Register Link: