21 May 2023

As usual, our deep-rooted branch in Saudi Arabia is having a string of achievements!

The Saudi Binladin Group – Al-Haramain Sector, Operation and Maintenance Department – honored Deutschland Technology Company as the best operating company in the field of operation and maintenance during the Ramadan 2023 season, and the shield and certificate were presented by the Saudi Binladin Company’s operation and maintenance department.

On the margins of this honor, our branch’s site engineers were honored to commemorate their efforts throughout the season, as well as certain technicians and observers from within the pump room in the Great Mosque of Mecca.


We express our gratitude and admiration for our branch’s efforts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with special thanks to the Saudi Bin Laden Group and the general contractor for our company’s work in the Grand Mosque in Mecca since 2015.

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