19 Jun 2023

‘’It’s all started when Deutschland Technology successfully became the only VdS-approved installer outside Europe years ago. And here we go now, in 2023, after renewing the certificate (much more challenging that initially having the approval), we are proud to, fortunately, host two prominent editions of the Technical Fire & Safety Conference with the presence of the VdS expert: one in Cairo earlier this year and one in Riyadh”


– Eng. Zahra Sorour, VP of Engineering and Sales


We are glad our supportive partners joined us at the conferences including Marioff, Securiton AG, and EmiControls. Special thanks to our people – you were all great!

Keep an eye out for the third edition and wondering where it will take place this time? Definitely in one of our Deutschland Technology Limited countries, sharing more knowledge and hands-on experience all over the MENA region.


Thank you, our great people!


Watch now our full day converge of the Event through this link:


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